RSM™ Fluid Testing

We are proud to introduce the latest fluid testing technology that provides our clients with a visual of the quality of the fluids present in their automotive vehicle at the time of inspection. We do this by placing test droplets of each fluid on our patented media paper to help provide additional data in deciding what fluids do or do not need replacing. This added fluid testing service can save our clients money by helping them select which fluids don’t necessarily need to be changed OR by helping them select those fluids that SHOULD be changed along with the OEM’s mileage warranty requirements – thus avoiding other damages to their vehicle if left unattended.

This series of fluid tests covers:

  • Front Differential
  • Manual Transmission
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Rear Differential
  • Power Steering
  • Transfer Case
  • Engine Coolant

Why We Test your Engine Coolant

Fluid testing your vehicle’s engine cooling system can assure operation at the correct temperature and avoid the delays, expense, and breakdown with radiator boil over or winter freeze up, failure of engine cooling.

Freeze Point and Boiling Point

  • Coolant may boil or block may freeze
  • Can cause cavitations and/or corrosion damage
  • Loss of Heat transfer
  • Seals may Fail

Reserve Alkalinity

  • Lack of Heat transfer
  • Hot spots due to loss of heat transfer
  • Loss of lubrication
  • Burnt Valves

Acidity and Alkalinity

  • Sulfate can build or form acid such as sulfuric acid
  • Combine with calcium to form scale
  • Metal Pitting
  • Extremely corrosive to engine components