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About our Lube & Tire Shop in Saskatoon

There’s lots to learn about our lube and tire shop in Saskatoon.  For starters, it is managed by a customer service focused guy, Nick Custance.

Nick started his Lube Stop career in 2013 in Alberta and moved to Humboldt, SK in 2017 to take on the challenge of helping to build a business from scratch.  Once that store was established, he moved on to Saskatoon, SK to do the same for that store.  Nick’s a husband and father of three.  He enjoys volunteering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  He also enjoys playing tabletop strategy games.

Nick employs an open-door policy with his customers and staff.  They are always welcome to contact him directly with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Our Lube Shop – Services

Lube Stop is a full service vehicle and tire maintenance shop.  It provides the full range of lube and tire services.  Feel free to explore this website to learn more about the many services.  Or, drop by and try our services for yourself.  Below is a list of the numerous service categories offered here at our location for your car, truck and SUV.

  • Oil and Lube Changes
  • Filter Changes
  • Fluid Changes and Flushes
  • Belt and Hose Changes
  • Parts Replacements
  • Performance Additives
  • Driver Safety Checks
  • Tire Services
  • Fleet Services

About our Fleet Services

Our lube and tire shop works with many fleet organizations in Western Canada to provide their many vehicles with regular, reliable service at bulk pricing levels.  We also offer additional benefits to our fleet customers.  Call us to learn more about our priority scheduling, monthly consolidated billing, multi-location servicing and so on.  You can’t afford NOT to.

Our Dealer Maintenance Services

Our lube and tire shop provides all the same services provided by your dealer.  Many car, truck and SUV owners think they have to take their vehicles to the dealer for servicing.  This is NOT true.  Lube Stop offers the same services at better prices and higher quality.  So, don’t be fooled by your dealer.  Don’t allow them to mislead you into believing your warranty won’t be honoured if you go elsewhere than their shops.  All our work on your vehicle is certified by automakers for warranty purposes.   And your manufacturer’s service schedule is also available to us through our access to their computer system.  So, save money and time by servicing your automobile through us, instead.

About Our Lube Shop – The Best of the Best

We use our own in-house system of providing our customers with Precision Based Recommendations. We also work hard to establish and keep strong supplier relationships with quality vendors that allow us to pass cost savings on to our customers through our pricing and coupons program.   And finally, we use a stringent set of practices to recruit, train and retain top level technicians and mechanics.

These systems and practices allow our shop to be one of the best in the area.  That includes BEST in the following attributes listed below.

Which Towns and Cities are in our Fast Lube Service area for Fleets?

Our lube shop and tire shop service area includes the following towns and cities listed below.

  • Woodlawn, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Mayfair, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Hudson Bay Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Westmount Caswell Hill, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • City Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • North Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Richmond Heights, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • MacNab Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Larkhaven, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Westview, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Mt Royal, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Riversdale, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Sutherland, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Forest Grove, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Silver Spring, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Lawson Heights, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • River Heights, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • King George, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Buena Vista, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

However, we also service fleet accounts for businesses from other parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta if their travels find them near any of our Lube Stops in these provinces.  So, if you’re a business involved in travel throughout Western Canada, call us.  We can certainly get you set up to take good care of your fleet vehicles.  Your account applies at all our stores.

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