Why Lube Stop?

Lube Stop Systems, Inc. is a full lube service company with franchises in both Alberta and Saskatchewan – and quickly expanding throughout Western Canada. At present, we have Lube shop locations in Sylvan Lake, Lacombe, Saskatoon, Humboldt and Regina (2 stores).

Lube Stop offers jiffy delivered lube services including: oil changes, fluid testing, cooling systems, air filtration, drive trains, electrical systems, full tire services and more.  We service your vehicle’s: motors oils, transmission oils, coolants, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, gear oils, tires, filters, electrical and anything else it needs.  Our industry renown practices and check lists make sure nothing gets missed – leaving you and your vehicle safe, serviced and running well.

Lube Stop consistently delivers a very satisfying auto servicing experience for our customers.  We use 5 different key processes/products that allow our team of service techs to perform all things required thoroughly and without error, consistently. These 5 pillars of service are outlined below.

In addition to the best quality service you can hope for, Lube Stop also does their best to ensure that you get the absolute best pricing available for your services and products.  Ask your service tech about signing up for regular emails from us for product sales, coupons, discounts, promos and more – including a monthly draw for a free oil change or local sports ticket. Check our “Extra Miles” page for more details and don’t miss out on these savings!

So bring your cars, trucks, SUVs, hybrids, vans, motorcycles, fleets and all to us for servicing.  We’ll take exceptional care of keeping your vehicle “well maintained and serviced” at reasonable prices.

  • OEM Maintenance Chek Chart

    Here, at Lube Stop, we scan your vehicle’s VIN when you arrive and ask for your mileage. We cross reference this information with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Recommended Maintenance Schedule (RMS) in Check Chart database to determine the servicing items recommended for your vehicle ...

  • RSM™ Fluid Testing

    Here, at Lube Stop, we are proud to introduce the latest technology that provides our clients with a visual of the quality of the fluids present in their vehicle at the time of inspection. We do this by placing test droplets of each fluid on our patented media paper to help provide additional data ...

  • 28 Point Auto Service inspection

    Here, at Lube Stop, your vehicle’s safety and reliability is important to us. Our comprehensive 28-point inspection will ensure your vehicle will get you where you need to go in comfort and safety. We cover the exterior of your vehicle, under the hood and under the vehicle ...

  • Tire Maintenance

    Your vehicle maintenance is not complete without inspection and upkeep of your tires. At Lube Stop, we offer TPMS, seasonal changeovers, balancing, rotations, wheel nut locking services, tire removal/replacement, fleet discounts and more.

  • Chevron Havoline

    Here, at Lube Stop, we use quality product to replenish and maintain your vehicle. As such, Havoline is our brand of choice for 90% of our product in house. Our Havoline products cover all the different needs and desires of our customer ranging from cost effective to high performance ...


Please be advised that we take our customers and staff health and safety very seriously.  Effective immediately we will be changing most of our service processes to eliminate any physical human contact between our staff and you, the customer.

1. Invoicing:

We are working on enabling email invoicing and hope to deliver that to you shortly.  In the meantime, if you need a copy, we can take a photo of your invoice and text it to you at the time of purchase.  Just ask out store tech to help you with that.

2. Making Payment:

We prefer payment by card over cash, please.  Please bring a wipe to clean machine prior to entering password, and/or bring hand sanitizer to clean your hands after.

Aside from these two items, we will be free from any other contact. Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our services.

Carrie Travis
Lube Stop Systems Inc.
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P: 403-346-2868
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Ricardo Marcil
President Lube Stop Systems Inc
Cell 403-506-6070
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